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Thanks for visiting! We are primarily sciencing these days at and - we're keeping this website around for legacy reasons- for now at least!
The Social Brain in Action Lab moved to ETH Zurich in glorious Switzerland in 2023. It is based within the Department of Humanities, Social & Political Sciences (D-GESS) and the Department of Health Sciences and Technology (D-HEST). With the newly-minted Professorship for Social Brain Sciences at ETH, we are mostly keeping the SBS website up to date, while this SoBA Lab website tends to be less current. We also  have several lab members and collaborators continuing to work on projects at Bangor University in North Wales, University of Glasgow in Scotland, and Macquarie University in Australia. Science is global, and SoBA Lab science is too!



The SoBA Lab is on the move... again! Over the coming months, our team will be relocating to ETH Zürich in fabulous Switzerland! We'll be recruiting new PhD students and postdocs - folks interested in joining the lab for a PhD position are encouraged to apply through the ETHZ-EPFL Joint Doctoral Program in Learning Sciences, and if you're interested in a postdoc, please get in touch with Emily or Rich directly! 

SO! MUCH! EXCITING! CHANGE! is afoot!  2023 promises to be one of the biggest and most exciting years yet for the Social Brain in Action Lab.... watch this space for further details in Feb 2023!

DOCTOR Rebecca Smith has done a tremendous job defending her PhD work on the expression and perception of emotion through bodily movement, passing her viva with minor corrections! Big thanks to examiners Profs. Beatriz Calvo-Merino & Stacy Marsella, and huge congrats, Dr. Smith!!

Our research is made possible by generous funding from a number of national and international sources - for more details on current and past funding, click the image below.

Marie Curie Actions
Ministry Of Defence
Coleg Cymraeg Canedlaethol
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