Research in the SoBA Lab explores how we perceive and interact with other agents in a social world, under the direction of Dr. Richard Ramsey & Professor Emily S. Cross
The Social Brain in Action Lab is based jointly within the Psychology and Cognitive Science departments at Macquarie University in sunny Sydney, Australia, and also at the University of Glasgow's Institute of Neuroscience and Psychology in bonnie Scotland. We also continue to have several wonderful PhD students and collaborators working on projects at Bangor University in North Wales. So whether you like your social neuroscience hot and dry, or cool and damp, we have you covered!



The winds of change are a-blowing in the SoBA Lab! In the past few weeks, we have bid adieu to some stellar and longstanding lab members, including Ruud, Bish and Michaela (all going on to fabulous and shiny new roles!), and welcomed a ton of new faces to our Glasgow and Sydney teams, including Nate, Amol, Aitor, Ayeh, Gabriella, and Alysha, and we cannot wait to welcome two PhD students to Sydney who were former SoBA Lab MSc students in Glasgow, Jean-Noël & Katerina! We're still updating webpages and profiles, but are very excited to be welcoming so many new faces and so much fresh energy!  And hey, maybe we'll actually get to start doing more science in person before too long too!

A three-year, full-time postdoc position is available to work with Emily at @MQCogSci (apply here, deadline 8 August 2021), and a 1-1.5 year postdoc position to join #TeamSoBots at University of Glasgow as part of the ERC Social Robots project is also available. Email Emily if interested in either post.

On June 10, 2020, we as a lab offer our full support to #ShutDownAcademia, #ShutDownSTEM, and #Strike4BlackLives. Please visit our social equality page for further information.

Two more postdoc positions will be advertised soon - one for the Glasgow wing of the SoBA Lab and one for the Sydney wing! Watch this space for updates...!

Our research is made possible by generous funding from a number of national and international sources - for more details on current and past funding, click the image below.

Marie Curie Actions
Ministry Of Defence
Coleg Cymraeg Canedlaethol

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