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SoBA Scotland

As of 2018, the Social Robots group of the Social Brain in Action Lab, led by Prof. Emily S. Cross, has relocated to the University of Glasgow's renowned Institute of Neuroscience and Psychology

The University of Glasgow is investing heavily in developing social robotics research and researchers, across the Schools of Psychology and Computing Science, and is thus a fantastic spot for our group to expand and accelerate our research in this domain. We will post more information here once the dust settles from the lab move, but in the mean time, feel free to check out the larger research groups we are affiliated with at Glasgow: the Centre for Cognitive, Affective and Social Neuroscience (cSCAN) and the Centre for Cognitive Neuroimaging (CCNi).

And a bunch of us Scottish SoBA SoBots members tweet, so check out our twitter profiles below for recent research or general academic news!

SoBA Scotland

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