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SNaC Meetings

Social Neuroscience and Cognition (SNaC) meetings

The purpose of SNaC meetings is to provide a forum for discussing and sharing ideas surrounding social neuroscience.

One or two talks will take place each meeting and can be on any topic that touches social neuroscience.

Meetings occur biweekly on Wednesdays at 2pm in Brigantia 230, Bangor.

If you would like to present, send a title and a preferred date to Kohinoor: See below for availability.

Everyone is welcome so don't be shy!

21 Mar 2018

Richard Binney


07 Mar 2018

Robert Ward


21 Feb 2018

Anna Henschel

In synchrony with humanoid robots - feedback on pilot studies

07 Feb 2018

Andrew Wildman

Social Priming 

11 Jul 2017

Elin Harding Williams & Emily Cross

Decreased reward value of biological motion among individuals with autistic traits: Assistance with crafting the best revision

06 Dec 2017

Jonathan Walbrin

New Social Interaction Research

24 Oct 2017

Debbie Mills

Grant idea - Linking gene expression with social brain activity

10 Oct 2017

Emily Cross ​& Richard Ramsey

Grant proposal - social robots and loneliness 

30 May 2017

Ruud Hortensius

Grant proposal - social cognition and embodied robots and virtual humans

16 May 2017

Ruud Hortensius

Using a p-curve to assess the evidential value of motor interference during human-robot interaction

28 Mar 2017

Paul Downing & Marco Gandolfo

​Direct gaze and hand pointing effects on attention capture

15 Mar 2017

Ruud Hortensius

The Impact of Basolateral Amygdalae Damage on Threat Perception​

15 Feb 2017

​Vanessa Era

Causal Contribution of the Parietal Lobe in Human-Avatar and Human-Human Join Actions 

09 Nov 2016

Jon Walbrin


25 Oct 2016

Paul Downing & Giuseppe Di Pellegrino

Hasson and Frith (2016) article discussion

11 Oct 2016

Social Neuroscience Faculty Meeting

Social Neuroscience Faculty Meeting

27 Sep 2016

Hannah Chandler

​Boundary extension distorted by the presence of people in scenes

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