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Dr. Richard Ramsey
& Prof. Emily Cross

Australian Hearing Hub Level 3
Macquarie University

16 University Avenue
New South Wales, 2109
Australia /

Sydney Opera House
Prof. Emily S. Cross

Institute of Neuroscience & Psychology

62 Hillhead Street


G12 8QB
United Kingdom

Interested in joining the SoBA Lab? 

Myriad opportunities exist for getting involved in SoBA Lab research, whether for a short stint or a longer term engagement. We are a diverse, fun, and energetic bunch, who welcome all comers to join in the social neuroscience and social robotics party! Opportunities to get involved in the SoBA Lab include, but are not limited to:

Volunteer internships for students from any country of the world. Past SoBA interns have come many different countries, including Germany, Austria, the USA, Czech Republic, UK, France, and Japan. If you are interested in applying for a volunteer internship in the the SoBA Lab, please download this form, follow all instructions, and return the completed application form (including current CV) as one pdf document to Please contact internship manager Katie Riddoch at SoBA Glasgow with any further questions.

Undergrad final year projects under the supervision of Dr. Ramsey or Prof. Cross are frequently available for interested students in the lab. You will work closely with PhD/postdoc scholars in the lab and gain a rich, hands-on research experience.

Postdoctoral fellowships will be advertised here when available. Prof. Cross is currently recruiting for one Postdoc in Sydney and one in Glasgow - see homepage for more information about how/when to apply, and PLEASE get in touch with Emily with any questions. Postdoctoral funding is always available for especially talented new PhDs through external funding sources. Drs. Ramsey and Cross are happy to support such applications from excellent candidates. A number of funding bodies offer competitive fellowships for postdocs coming from anywhere in the world, including the Australian Research Council (DECRAs), British Academy, the ESRC, the BBSRC, Marie Curie/FP7, and the DAAD and the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation (for postdocs coming from Germany/of German nationality)


A POSTDOC is available with Rich - social and cognitive neuroscience, plus all things open science. advert

Fulbright fellowships for talented American graduates who wish to undertake research/complete a masters degree in Sydney are available, and the SoBA Lab is happy to support applications for such fellowships.

Part-time paid RA work is not currently available, but will be advertised here if/when available.

PhD positions - While no lab-funded PhD positions are currently available, Dr. Ramsey and Prof. Cross are always happy to speak with interested students about university and external funding opportunities for outstanding students.

SNAC meetings are social neuroscience seminars formerly organised within the School of Psychology at Bangor, and are soon to start up at Macquarie. Everyone is welcome so please come along if you're interested - see here for details

So-bots Journal Club see here for details

The goal of the Social Robots Journal Club is to discuss recent articles in the field of human-robot interaction (HRI). We will read and dissect papers from a wide range of HRI topics, from the perception of artificial agents, to the beliefs and experiences of human agents, to (non)shared neural representation mediating interaction with our robotic friends and much more. 

Want to see more? Check out some of our lab photos here!

Interested in joining the SoBA Lab?
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