Meet the SoBA Lab

Emily S. Cross
Principal Investigator
Richard Ramsey
Principal Investigator
Bishakha Chaudhury
Ruud Hortensius
 Postdoctoral Fellow 
Maki Rooksby
 Postdoctoral Fellow 
Kohinoor Darda
 Postdoctoral Fellow
Chris Byrne
 Doctoral Student 
Anna Henschel
 Doctoral Student 
Te-Yi Hsieh
 Doctoral Student 
Laura Jastrzab
 Doctoral Student 
Rachel Newey
 Doctoral Student 
Henry Powell
 Doctoral Student 
Katie Riddoch
 Doctoral Student 
Rebecca Smith
 Doctoral Student 
Andrew Wildman
 Doctoral Student 
Guy Laban
Doctoral Student 
Ionela Bara
 Doctoral Student
Jean-Noël George
 Master Student
Rosanne Timmerman
Master Student 
Dorina de Jong
 Master Student 
Andrea Orlandi
Lab Visitor
Michaela Kent
 Research Technician
Andrea Orlandi
 Lab Visitor 
Merel Bekking
 Artist in Residence 
Riley Watts
 SoBA Lab Muse 
 Social Dognition Representative 
SoBA Lab Alumni

Isabella Gould (Glasgow MSc student in Psychology, 2018-19)

Katerina Manoli (Glasgow MSc student in Psychological Research, 2018-19)

Luca Marie Leisten (DAAD Summer Intern, 2019)

Hanna Seelemeyer (DAAD Summer Intern, 2019)

Martin Hoffmann (Erasmus+ Summer Intern, 2019)

Julia Fechner (Erasmus+ Summer Intern, 2019)

Aidas Aglinskas (Bangor MSc student in Neuroimaging, 2014-15)
Dan Alderley (Bangor MSc in Foundations in Clinical Psychology student, 2013-14)
Lauren Alpert (Columbia University Summer Intern, 2011)

Hannah Bargel (DAAD intern from Uni Lübeck, 2018)
Annabel Benjamin (Bangor MSc student, 2012-13)
Laura Bilbao-Broch (Donders Institute MSc in Cognitive Neuroscience student/intern, 2016-17)
Emily Butler (Bangor MSc student, PhD student & Postdoc, 2011-15)
Chu Chen (Bangor MSc student, 2012-13)
Kelvin Dawson (Bangor MSc in Psychological Research student, 2012-13)

Lina Davitt (Social Robots Project Manager, 2016-17) 
Niamh Dickson (MSc in Psychological Research student, 2016-17)
Nadine Diersch (DAAD Postdoctoral Fellow, 2013-14)
Veronica Diveica (Bangor University Summer Intern, 2017)
Kim Drommelschmidt (Radboud University BSc Honors student, 2011-12)
Andreea Ducan (Bangor University special project intern, 2014-16)
Anastassia Elizarova (Bangor University special project intern, 2013-14)
Laurel Fish (Bangor University special project intern, 2014-15)
Tom Gardner (Bangor PhD student, 2012 - 2016)

Elena Giacomazzi (DAAD intern from Uni Osnabrück, 2017)​
Harrison Goodall III (Pomona College Summer Intern, 2015)
Inez Greven (PhD student, 2013 - 2016)
Felix Hekele (Bangor Research Project Support Officer, 2016-17)
Malte Heyen (DAAD intern from Uni Osnabrück, 2017)
Alex Jones (Bangor Postdoc, 2013/2014)
Allison Kirkegaard (Pomona College Summer Intern, 2016)
Louise Kirsch (Bangor PhD student & Postdoc, 2011-15)
Mutindi Kithu (Bangor MSc in Neuroimaging student, 2015-16)
André Klapper (Radboud University MSc student, 2011-12)
Merle Koch (DAAD intern from Uni Osnabrück, 2016-17)
David Lilley (Bangor MSc student in Psychological Research, 2013-14)
Lucy McGarry (Ryerson University visiting PhD Student, 2013)

Jaydan Pratts (Bangor University MSc in Neuroimaging student, 2017-18)
Verónica Romero Ferreiro (visiting PhD student from Madrid, 2015)
Julia Scaife (Cardiff Intercalating medical student, 2011-12)
Nicky Smith (Bangor University Summer Intern, 2015)
Arielle Snagg (Pomona College Summer Intern, 2012)
Marie Sindermann (DAAD Intern from Uni Osnabrück, 2015-16)
Shaun Stone (Bangor MSc in Neuroimaging student, 2015-16)
Alexis Sweetman (Bangor MSc in Psychological Research student, 2011-12)

Simon Titone (Bangor MSc in Neuroimaging student, 2017-18)
Abigail Whitfield (Bangor MSc in Neuroimaging student, 2013-14)

Elin H. Williams (Bangor PhD student and Social Robots Project Manager, 2015-18)
Elliott Ward (Bangor MSc in Neuroimaging student, 2016-17)
Zach Woods (Bangor MSc student in Psychological Research, 2014-15)

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62 Hillhead Street, Glasgow, G12 8QB SCOTLAND

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